As humans we tend to view things in the idea that if we have done wrong we will be punished, and rightfully so. We do the right thing only because doing the wrong thing leads to punishments. We don’t like being punished, so if we can avoid that outcome we try to do so. But as Christians we also tend to make this same assumption but with the added caveat that God is angry with us. We assume that we have done wrong, and now God punishes us in His wrath.
We assume wrong though. For those in Christ we assume that He feels anger but how could He feel anger? His Son hung on a cross with the whole of God’s wrath poured out on Him, for all those who would be His. Christ took the punishment for our sins completely, so if we assume that our actions lead to God’s wrath with us, we declare that Christ’s sacrifice on the cross wasn’t enough to satisfy that wrath. We forget that if all the anger was poured out on He who died for us, then what more is there left for us?
Furthermore, if it was our sins that held Him on the cross for our salvation, what makes us think that we could ever kindle His anger against Him? Do we think that God would be so fickle as to forget His pursuit of His adopted? What could ever separate us from this love?
While on the other hand some may use this as an excuse. “if the price has been payed, I needn’t worry of the toll”.
What manure is this? What flippancy? To say that the eternal, and infinitely holy creator and God of the universe could function as a token for your vice. We obey His commands because He first loved us, but if we do sin, and we do disobey, we know that we have an advocate. One who does not tire, and one who has conquered death. How glorious is this? That we have one who loves us and will continue working within us until the day He finally returns.


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